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The Loon Golf Resort
4400 Championship Drive
Gaylord, Michigan 49735

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The Ridge Golf Course

The Ridge Golf CourseThe Ridge Course is a classic northern Michigan woodland trail design highlighted with dramatic elevation changes.  With forward and senior friendly tees, The Ridge Golf Course is a fun challenge for all golfers.  The Ridge Course will provide you with memorable shots and unique golf experiences you will only find in Northern Michigan.\

Blue Tees: 6,231 yards Par 71
White Tees: 5,769 yards Par 71
Gold Tees: 5,237 yards Par 71
Red Tees: 4,495 yards Par 71


8am-2pm  $55    
2pm-close  $45
36 holes-  $75
8am-2pm  $65
2pm-close  $55
36 holes-  $90


Morning at The Ridge The Ridge Hole #18 The Ridge Hole #15  Interesting Bunker Design Fall at The Ridge The Ridge #10 Rainbow at The Ridge 2 Rainbow at The Ridge Spring at The Ridge The Hotel from The Ridge 2 The Ridge Hole #10 Greeview The Ridge Hole #7 Teebox w-golfer The Ridge Hole #9 Fall The Hotel at The Ridge The Hotel from the The Ridge

Golf Course Facts:

PAR 4 ~ Blue 301  White 289  Gold 264  Red 241 
Short, slight dogleg left par 4.  Hybrid off the tee is all you need, but don't get careless with your short iron into this narrow green.

PAR 3 ~ Blue 136 White 120 Gold 116 Red 113
Nice dramatic drop par 3 with over 40 feet of elevation change. Like most of our par 3's not much margin of error but fun to play.

PAR 5 ~ Blue 573  White 482  Gold 438  Red 383
Straight away par 5 with fairway bunkers on both sides of the fairway. Once you make it to the green you will be facing a two-tier green with subtle breaks on each tier.

PAR 4 ~ Blue 371  White 352  Gold 333  Red 313
This is a fun dogleg left par 4.  Once you find the fairway, hit one more club into this well bunkered elevated green.

PAR 4 ~ Blue 370  White 354  Gold 335  Red 298
The proper way to play this hole is to hit it at the tree on the left side of the fairway with a fade.  This should leave you with another mid-iron to another well bunkered green.

PAR 4 ~ Blue 415  White 389  Gold 349  Red 275
As you can clearly see, a large hill must be hit over with your drive in order to leave yourself with a shot at the second largest green on the course.

PAR 4 ~ Blue 423  White 393  Gold 381  Red 308
One of the toughest holes in Gaylord... First is a tee shot that must carry 175 yards over a pond from the white tees to an elevated landing area.  Then you face a downhill shot of about 175 yards to a small, well bunkered green.

PAR 3 ~ Blue 167  White 143  Gold 133  Red 110
Here is an example of a hole that really isn't too long or difficult. The green is quite receptive and there is even a backstop on the back of the green.  Just think about your target and not the 100 yards of wetlands you have to hit over.

PAR 4 ~ Blue 378  White 365  Gold 357  Red 211 
Here's a great straight away par 4.  After a small carry over wetland, you tee shot will hopefully land on a undulating fairway.  From there is a easy mid-iron to one of our many well bunkered greens.

HOLE #10
PAR 3 ~ Blue 172  White 150  Gold 129  Red 118
Here is our signature par 3 with a 50 foot drop to a thankfully large green.  Not much room for error here though, this is essentially an island green with wetland in front and behind the green and a small pond to the left.

HOLE #11
PAR 5 ~ Blue 483  White 463  Gold 418  Red 387
Scorecard short, but in reality another difficult par.  There is a number of fairway bunkers lining the fairway and the green is tucked up to the left among more bunkers.

HOLE #12
PAR 4 ~ Blue 334  White 329  Gold 300  Red 279
Lazy dogleg left that progressively gets tighter the further you hit it.  Be careful with your shot towards the green, if you miss, it will be a very difficult up and down.

HOLE #13
PAR 3 ~ Blue 168  White 161  Gold 96  Red 94
This is a hole where knowing your yardages will be important.  This par 3 has wetlands in front and behind a somewhat narrow green.

HOLE #14
PAR 4 ~ Blue 391  White 366  Gold 333  Red 303
Beautiful uphill par 4 with trees on the right and bunkers and more trouble on the left. This hole features a 3 tier green that is much longer then wide.

HOLE #15
PAR 5 ~ Blue 591  White 515  Gold 446  Red 360
This is a monster golf hole from the blue tee's and quite a bit more manageable from the whites. Interesting bunker design near this green.

HOLE #16
PAR 4 ~  Blue 353  White 340  Gold 316  Red 293
Finally some relief with a shortish par 4 were birdie is a possibility. Don't get too relaxed though, like most holes at Marsh Ridge, it is protected by trees.

HOLE #17
PAR 3 ~ Blue 147  White 130  Gold 117  Red 92
Take at least one more club on this hole as this 2 tier green has a natural backstop.

HOLE #18
PAR 5 ~ Blue 458  White 432  Gold 381  Red 317
Another chance to beat par with this short par 5.  A drive in the fairway will give you a chance to reach this par 5 in two.  An undulating fairway and a water hazard in front of the green will do their part to protect this hole.